Proposal submissions are open from January 5 through March 18.


What is the Undergraduate Symposium?

The UO Undergraduate Symposium celebrates the remarkable contributions our undergraduates make to research and other creative work in a wide range of disciplines. The 5th annual Undergraduate  Symposium is scheduled for Thursday, May 14th 2015.

The Symposium aspires to engage undergraduates in the research mission of the University of Oregon by supporting the creation and dissemination of knowledge,  while inspiring younger undergraduates to seek out research opportunities and removing barriers to interdisciplinary education and discourse.

The Symposium enables undergraduates to  share their ideas, discoveries, and artistic expression with the campus and local community. The Symposium invites students to select their preferred style of presentation to best accommodate their projects. Held in the EMU in the mode of an academic conference, the Symposium will include poster sessions, oral presentations and exhibition space for performing and fine arts.

Since 2011 over 400 students representing 30 majors and five colleges have presented original research and creative work.

Who participates in the Symposium?

The Symposium is open to all UO undergraduate students from across the disciplines and colleges who are performing  individual or collaborative research as part of course, thesis, major, or laboratory.  The Symposium is also an ideal venue for students of the performing and fine arts to share their work with a larger audience. Faculty mentors are also encouraged to nominate students for the Symposium.

What kind of research, projects or works are accepted?

Individual and group presentations–poster, oral, and creative works–are welcome.  The abstract submission allows teams to register multiple authors/presenters.

Poster Format: Students present research and creative work through visual media assembled on a poster board, or printed on a single poster, including such elements as photographs, text, maps, graphs, tables, and other sources.  Poster presenters will discuss their research findings and creative work with symposium attendees during their designated hour-long session, and may engage several different groups or individuals.  For details on poster preparation, printing, and installation please see the poster presenter guidelines.

Oral Presentation Format: Students present original research through 10-13 minute oral presentations accompanied by optional PowerPoint slides and/or physical exhibits.  The Undergraduate Symposium Review Committee will assemble students into panels of three presenters whose work shares a common theme or question.  Oral presentations sessions will reserve 15-20 minutes for discussion after the conclusion of the presentations.  A chair will introduce the panelists and facilitate the discussion.  Short talks like these need to be prepared carefully, but presenters are encouraged to deliver them in a conversational style, rather than by reading a paper.  PowerPoint slides should be submitted in advance.  Please visit the oral presentation guidelines for details.

Creative Works Format: Students exhibit or present art and performance of all genres and media — from music and dance to film, sculpture, and painting. Students will have a designated time to perform or present their work. Students submitting creative work abstracts may indicate the necessary equipment and materials for the presentation or exhibiting of their work e.g. a projector for a film, floor space or staging for a performance, or wall space for photographs.

Jane Irungu, Associate Director of CMAE GPS asks Biology Major Taylor Wilson about her research.

How can I get involved?

Students engaging in individual or group projects are invited to submit abstracts between January 5 and March 18, 2015.

The Faculty Advisory Board will review the abstracts between March 19 and April 10, 2015, and students will receive their reviews on April 11.



To assist students with preparation for the Symposium, three types of resources and tutorial sessions will be offered:

Abstract Writing

Poster Design

Oral Presentations

Questions? Please contact Kevin Hatfield: kevhat@uoregon.edu | 541-346-1977

Undergraduate Symposium Planning Committee:
  • Kevin Hatfield, Director of Academic Residential and Research Initiatives, Undergraduate Studies/University Housing; Adjunct Assistant Professor, History
  • Karl Reasoner, Program Manager, Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, Office of Research and Innovation
  • Renee Dorjahn, Director of Finance and Administration, Robert D. Clark Honors College
  • Yen Tran, Student Engagement and Outreach Librarian, UO Libraries
  • Emily Fiocco, Graduate Coordinator GTF, Division of Undergraduate Studies
  • NEXUS Undergraduate Research Group
    • Samantha Nesbitt
    • Merida Mehaffey
    • Emily Chinn
    • Bryan Peterson
    • Muhammad Khalifa
    • Alani Estrella

The Undergraduate Symposium is sponsored by the Division of Undergraduate Studies, the Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence, University Housing, the Robert D. Clark Honors College, the UO Libraries, the Office of  Equity and Inclusion, and the Division of Student Affairs