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Join us for the 2016 Undergraduate Symposium

on Friday, May 20, 2016



Now Available: 2016 Undergraduate Symposium Program

New: $500 Pre-Med Research Award! Sponsored by Clark Honors College

For a project in the life sciences with unique or innovative medical applications, or which advances the known frontiers of medical research. The $500 award may be used to cover fees and travel costs associated with the presentation of student work at disciplinary or national conferences or symposiums.

Sixth Annual Undergraduate Symposium is Friday, May 20, 2016!

The Sixth Annual Undergraduate Symposium will host 236 undergraduates engaged in original research, creative work, and community-based projects from 57 majors and seven colleges in the Global Scholars Hall and Bean Hall for a day of oral and poster presentations, creative work installations, and artistic performances.  The Undergraduate Symposium also wishes to acknowledge the 213 faculty mentors who sponsored the presenters.

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Why Participate?

Poster Presentation at the Undergraduate Symposium

By participating you will have the opportunity to display your work to faculty and students and have an experience similar to participating in a research conference! People are friendly and want to hear about your research. It's fun too!


Presentation Examples

Oral Presentations at the Undergraduate Symposium

Want to see examples of past poster, oral, or creative work presentations? Check out our archives to see previous topics, gain inspiration, and get a feel for what presenting is like at the Undergraduate Symposium.


Help from NEXUS

Creative Work Presentation at the Undergraduate Symposium

The NEXUS student group provides a full range of support and resources for prospective and accepted undergraduate presenters, encompassing abstract writing, poster and slideshow design, oral and poster presentation, and public speaking. If you have any questions feel free to email us at NEXUS@uoregon.edu


Fifth Annual Undergraduate Symposium

The Fifth Annual Undergraduate Symposium was honored to welcome the largest and most disciplinary diverse cohort of undergraduates to date—encompassing nearly 200 presenters representing 46 majors and seven colleges.

The 2015 Undergraduate Symposium Faculty Review Committee accepted 129 proposals after a rigorous abstract review process. Presenters—individually and in teams—shared their ideas, discoveries, research, and artistic expressions with the campus and local community through 64 poster exhibits, 56 oral presentations, and nine creative work installations and performances. New categories for service learning and international research were spotlighted as well.

The Undergraduate Symposium also wishes to acknowledge the 143 faculty mentors who sponsored the presenters' proposals.

Please peruse the official 2015 Undergraduate Symposium program.

We thank you for joining us to support undergraduates' original contributions in the sciences, social sciences, humanities, arts, and professions.