Poster Presentations

The Digital Poster

Research posters represent a common method for presenting scholarly and creative work at academic conferences and symposia. They often combine visual and textual content, such as tables, graphs, images, and citations, to convey information succinctly and engagingly with participants. 

The poster for the virtual symposium this year will be a digital creation, as a single PowerPoint slide, accompanied by a 3 to 5 minute (maximum) voiceover recording. Follow the steps below to  develop a digital poster to present at 2020 Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Poster Presenter Guidelines & Poster Design Instructions

Developing Your Poster

Recording a Voiceover

Save Your Poster File in MP4 and PDF Formats

You will save your poster in both MP4 format and PDF

  1. Visit for instructions on how to turn your recording into a video and save in .mp4 format Save your video in .mp4 format only. Do not save as .ppsx, .wmv or any other format that may not be compatible for upload.
  2. Save another copy of the poster in PDF format which will be digitally archived in UO Scholars' Bank
  3. Entitle both poster files with the "lastname firstname 2020urs" (only) of the primary form submitter/presenter, so that it can easily be matched.

How to Upload Your Poster for the Symposium

Interactive Poster Discussion Session Opportunity

In addition to the virtual poster display, presenters will have an optional opportunity to take part in a live Zoom presentation and interactive discussion session about their research work. Poster presenters often find that the questions they receive from participants combined with the subsequent conversations generate valuable feedback on their work and illuminate new ideas, areas of inquiry, or collaborationsThe session be take place between 5:30 to 7:30 pm on May 21.

Poster presenters will be assigned to a session for 6-8 fellow presenters based on the field of research, common/theme/question, or group project. Faculty Mentors will be invited to the Zoom sessions, and the moderator (s) will introduce the students and facilitate questions and discussions.There will be an opportunity for the presenter (on the 2020 Undergraduate Research Symposium Presenter Confirmation Form) to invite non-UO affiliated guests to attend the Zoom poster discussion session.

This option is not required, and is an opportunity presenters may opt in for in addition to submitting the poster in MP4 and PDF formats.