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Willem Griffiths, "Investigating the Feasibility of Exon Skipping as a Potential Gene Therapy Treatment for USH1F"

Wesley Bryant, "Emotional Labor of Our Gendered First Responders"

Samantha Bryan, "Native Revegetation and Restoration of Riparian Ecosystem at Goose Creek"

Renne Dobre, "Window Water Shield"

Pedram Diba,"Blending of Two Cultures through Music"

Nora Sawyer, "Civil Action in Opposition to Hydroelectric Development in the Chiriquí Province of Panamá"

Nelson Perez, "Jesuit Missions in Chile: From Religious Conversion to Cultural Salvation"

Katie Williams, "The Danger of Overlooking Trauma-Informed Practices in Schools"

Jia Wi Liu, "Zebrafish gsdf Mutant Provides a Disease Model for Human Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Research Area: Natural/Physical Sciences"

James Vos, "How many Lightbulbs does it take to Change the Climate?"

Jacqeline Ignacio, "Neoliberal Multiculturalism in Elementary School Hidden Curriculum"

Iago Bojczuk, "Using the Social Media Potential in Post-Impeachment Brazil: Youth Action in Fostering Participatory Politics through Digital Memes"

Hannah Steinkopf-Frank, "La Sape: Tracing the History and Future of the Congos’ Well-Dressed Men"

Grace Hanich, "Recycling American Pop Culture: Memes as Transmission and Expression in Online Communities"

Elizabeth Bezark, "Fuel-Efficient Cookstove Projects: An Exploration of the Effects of Top-Down vs. Bottom-up Development Ideologies"

Basil Price, "'I Had to be Somewhere': The Hero’s Movement from Society to Outlawry in Grettir’s Saga"

Angela Rothman, "Well-Intentioned but Ineffective: A Legislative History of the California Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act of 2001"

Allison Dona, "Building the Methodological Toolkit in Global Health: Dried Blood Spot Methods Development"

Adrienne Chainey,"A New Occurrence of Gazella sp. from the Chu Formation (late Miocene, early Pliocene) in the Kochkor Basin, Kyrgyzstan"

Bryce Sprauer, “Current Cuban Migration: Manifestations of Political Privilege and Economic Violence”

Francesca Fontana, “Seeking Truth through Investigative Memoir”

Keegan Williams-Thomas, “Cinematic Adaptations of Modernist Texts: Formal Re-experimentation in the Mid-20th Century”

Eugenia Lollini, “Before the Spectacle: Shaping Gender and Class in Beirut’s Beauty Salons”

Drew McLaughlin “The Role of the Listener in Nonnative Speech Perception Research"

Sam McGee, "Homeland vs. New Land: The Northern Paiute’s battle for place in the Great Basin"

Becca Marshall,"History of the Northern Paiute’s Food Sovereignty and Cultural Food Security"

Helena Klein, "The Return to Oregon: The Northern Paiute Exodus from the Yakama Reservation and Reception by Agent Smith at Warm Springs 1880-1884"

Ayantu Israel-Megerssa, "The Other in Their Own Land: Internal Orientalism, Genocide, and the Northern Paiute of the Oregon Great Basin"


McKenna O’Dougherty, “Poetry as a Portal and the Spaces Left Blank by Modern Settler-Colonial Education: A Native Feminist Reading of Joy Harjo’s 'Perhaps the World Ends Here'”

Tiffany Wan, “Women Working in the Public Relations Industry in Hong Kong”

Therese Wichmann,“The Effect of Rigid Ankle-Foot Orthotics on Joint Range of Motion and Temporospatial Parameters”

Patrick Glang. “A University of Oregon Substance Use Survey: An Analysis of Substance Use among Sexual and Gender Minority Students”

Priscilla Sol, “Relieving Ukrainian Energy Reliance on Russia: Working with Wind for Prosperity to Encourage Energy Reform and Support New Relations with Western Europe”

Shannon Brown,“Radiole Regeneration of the Feather Duster Worm, Schizobrancia insignis”

Spencer Smith, “Center of Mass Displacement with a Rigid Ankle-Foot Orthotic in Healthy Individuals”

Mandi Severson, “Rpb1 Mutations and Interactions with Backtracked RNA in RNA Polymerase II in Yeast”

Lila Kaye,“Elucidating the Active Domain of a Novel Anti-inflammatory Protein Produced by Intestinal Bacteria”

Jonathan Wallace, “Vestibular Modulation of the abductor hallucis and abductor digiti minimi Muscles in Response to Changes in Head Position and Visual Cues”

Eliza Hallett, “Physical Activity and Health in Older Adults in Rural and Peri-urban Uganda Using Accelerometry: The Results of SAGE Substudy”

Dana Glasscock,“Criminalizing Black Reproduction: “Crack Babies,” Black Motherhood, and State Intrusion”

Connor Williamson,“Examining Inefficiencies in NBA Player Development and Potential Solutions”

Colin Takeo, “The People’s Music: Rhetoric and Musical Symbolism in the German Democratic Republic’s 1954 Musikfest des VDK“

Claire Aubin, “Legality, Memory, and Monstrosity: An Examination of International Postwar Justice Systems and the Trials of John Demjanjuk”

Brianna Stamas, “Missing Transverse Momentum Trigger Performance Studies for the ATLAS Calorimeter Trigger Upgrades

Augustine Beard, "The Enemy in the Forests: The Public Perception of Forest Fires in the Pacific Northwest 1933-1965"

Sarah Carey, "Depictions of the Algerian War in Contemporary French Cinema: Understanding the Colonizer, the Colonized, and Violence"

Brandi Wilkens, "Not Just a Pretty Face: 19th Century Japanese Courtesans and their Influence in Art Exportation"

Catherine Jaffe, "Slavery, Captivity, and the Fate of Northern Paiutes after the “Snake” War: A Case Study of the Expedition of 1871 and William McKay: Exterminator and Emancipator"

Victoria Carroll, "A Chronicle of the Health Conditions among the Burns Paiute Colony, 1900-1955"

Anna Karvina Pidong, "Food and Power at Malheur: Examining the Nexus of Food Systems Implemented on the Malheur Reservation"

Braden Prillwitz,”Neat, Clean, Shaved, and Sober”: Philip Marlowe as the Modern Knight in Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep“

Madeline Peara, "School House Blues: How the Bureau of Indian Affairs Used the Burns Indian School to Limit Responsibility to the Northern Paiute Indians of the Burns Colony"

Kiara Kashuba, "The Plow in a Land of Sand and Sagebrush: Agrarian Ideology as an Agent of Assimilation on the Warm Spring Indian Reservation, 1850-1870"

Augustine Beard, "The Network of Resistance: Northern Paiute Opposition to Imprisonment at Yakima Reservation, 1878-1884"

Basil Price,”'Then Brynhild Laughed': Female Heroism and Changing Tradition in Volsunga Saga”

Anne Kloos, “A County Divided: An Investigation of Race Resegregation in Lane County Oregon Public Schools”

Angela Rothman,“Revolutionary Theatricality: Dramatized American Protest, 1967-1968”

Andrea Cueva, “A Close Look at the Portal Motif in Fairy Tale Literature”

Amanda Perkins, “Masculinist of Humanist? An Analysis of Rhetoric in College Debate”

Alani Estrella, “A Screen for Novel Atypical Protein kinase C (aPKC) Substrates”


Charlotte Reingold, “Chief editor, Oregon Undergraduate Research Journal”

Taylor Richmond and Miro Merrill, “Why Cordova, Alaska”

Nicole Hendrix, Forrest Hirsh and Elie Lewis “Canopy Connections within the Environmental Initiative Program”

Naomi Wright, “Experience of a Lifetime- Trauma, Study Abroad and Institutional Betrayal”

Maxine David, “The LGBTQ Equity Cohort Project”

Madison Cheek, “Designing and Implementing a Drip Irrigation System at Bergeron Farm”

Kevin Soon-Sian Lai, “A True Northern Paiute Hero: An Alaysis of Chief Egan and His Leadership in the Bannock-Paiute War of 1878"

Hannah Mueller, “German Video Game Censorship in the National Sensitivity to Violence on Entertainment Content”

Hannah Golden, “We’re Not Just a Team, We’re a Community- The UO Poetry Slam Team”

Emma Dorland, “Creative Non-Violent Action: Leveraging the Intersections of Art, Protest and Information and Communications Technology for Social Change”

Ariella Wolfe, “The Western Genre in Gun Violence in US Culture – Using Theatre as a Laboratory for Social Critique"

Annika Gustafsson, “Searching for the Nearest Extragalactic Binary Black Hole”

Alyssa Puleo, "The Body Talks"


Katherine Becher, "A Different Kind of Domestic: Women's Roles in Jane Austen's Persuasion"

Video Recordings of Full Oral Presentation Panels




Panel: Indigenous Studies:

Eva Bertoglio, The Warm Springs Boarding School: Constructing White Femininity While Destabilizing Female Tribal Identity

Anna Peckinpah, “Savage Squaw, Shaman Seductress, or Sovereign Savior: Representing Native Female Identity in Video Games”

Samantha Elwood, “The White Male Protagonist: Friend or Foe?”

Stephanie Evers, “Argument Marking Morphology and Verb Stem Selection in Takelma”

Joel Ekdahl, “The Love of a Man, The Love of a Community: Desire as Decolonial Critique in Alexies The Business of Fancydancing”

Ayantu Megerssa, “Assimilation and Activism: An Analysis of Native Boarding School Curriculum and Native Student Activism in the 20th Century”


Panel: Environmental Studies

Laura Buckmaster, “Students as Scientists”: The Canopy Connections Project of the Environmental Leadership Program”

Jordan Pratt, “Prehistoric Human Adaptations to Climate Change?: An ArcGIS Analysis of Northern Side-notched Projective Points in the Northern Great Basin”

Alex Ode, “Riparian Restoration, Monitoring, and Adaptive Management at Berggren Watershed Conservation Area and Vickerey Park as conducted by the UO Environmental Leadership Program’s Stream Stewardship Team, 2015”

Ashlynn McGraw, “Environmental Leadership Program Riparian Restoration Team’s Rehabilitation of Goose Creek at Whitewater Ranch”

Doug Sam, “Nature’s Especial Repository:” Symbolic Meaning in Gerald of Wales’ Descriptions of the Environment in the British Isles”

Hannah Fuller, “Examining and Identifying Effective Rhetorical Strategies, Messaging, and Themes in Climate Change Books for a General Audience”

Anthony Kollmorgan, “Dam Construction and their Effects on the Traditional Foods and Cultural Practices of the Klamath Tribes”


Panel: International and Cross-Cultural Studies

Hannah Mueller, “The Censorship of German Video Games: The Effects of National Sensitivity to Violence on Entertainment Content”

Naomi Wright, “Experience of a Lifetime: Study Abroad, Trauma, and Institutional Betrayal”

Zachary Bigalke, “From Foreign Curiosity to National Obsession: Soccer, Immigration, and Politics in Argentina from Mitre to Yrigoyen”

Namratha Somayajula,”Education and Discrimination in Armed Conflict: Equitable Access and Educational Barriers for Syrian Refugee Children”

Emma Stahl,“Education in Ladakh: An Overview of the Interactions Between an Indigenous Community and Their Government”

Jacob Valleau, “Jewish Civicism in Oregon: How Jews Became Successful in a Plainly Racist State”



Panel: Reaction and Synthesis (0:00-1:25:20)

Charlotte Taylor, "Do Distinct Types of Progenitors Contribute to the Diversity of Enteric Neurons and Glia?"

Chase Salazar, "An Improved Route for Synthesis of Phosphine Oxides Via the Alkylation Phosphonates Through the Use of Grignard Regents"

Muhammad Khalifa, "Alkaline Synthesis of Amidines--Exploring a New Approach to Accessing a Pharmaceutically Relevant Functional Group"

Lindsay Guzman, "Complexes for the Investigation of Copper-Mediated Degradation in Pt-Bound RNA Click Reactions."


Panel: Tribal Relations: Historic and Contemporary Issues (1:21:20-2:13:16)

Simone Smith, "The Northern Paiute and Governor George L. Woods"

Souvanny Miller, "As Assessment of Government-to-Government Relationships among Federal Agencies and Federally Recognized Tribes"


Panel: Tradition and Transformation in Language, Literature and Musice (2:13:16-3:27:55)

Katherine Becher, "A Different Kind of Domestic: Women's Roles in Jane Austen's Persusasion"

Lorra Jones, " The Deadly Suppression of Homosexuality in a Shropshire Lad"

Sarah Wyer, "Crafting the Ancient: Pre-Columbian Music for a Modern Audience"



Panel: Transforming Education

Neil Cronkrite and Ian O'Gorman, "Signaling for Attention: Mobility and Student Performance in United Way’s Promise Neighborhoods"

Zach Chalmers, "Real Math: Bringing Proof into the Classroom"

Zachary Taylor, "Online Supplemental Learning"


Panel: Identity and Progress

Eryn Block, "When Reaching for the Stars is Not Enough:  Addressing the Misalignment of Postsecondary Expectations and Preparation of High School Students from Low-Socioeconomic Backgrounds"

Phoebe Peterson, "No Man’s Land: The Herstory of Lesbian Intentional Communities as a Manifestation of the Pastoral Dream"

Rachelle DiGregorio, "Quantifying the Self"