Count Me In! What do I do next?

Once you've decided you're going to participate in the Undergraduate Research Symposium, here are the next three things you should do:

1. Decide what research or creative work of yours that you're going to present, perform, or exhibit at the symposium. Your research can be in any subject area, and it does not need to be a completed research project. Presenting in-progress research is perfectly acceptable.

2. Register to participate in the Symposium through April 12, 2021.  You just need to submit your contact information, presentation type, draft presentation title, faculty/instructor mentor's contact information, and funding sources. 

3. Prepare an abstract with a title of 30 words or less and a description of 250 words or less. Abstracts should be as jargon-free as possible and easily understood by those who aren't experts in your field of study. If you need help with your abstract, consider attending an ASURE workshop in the spring. Some things to include in your abstract are:


Student researcher Kendra Siebert and her photographs
  • Introductory sentence(s)

  • Statement of hypothesis, thesis, purpose, or question of study

  • General methods, procedures, sources, or media used

  • Primary results, findings, or arguments

  • Primary conclusion/implication of the work

  • General statement of the significance of the research or creative work

4. Submit your abstract between April 13 and 24, 2021 via the Presenter Confirmation Survey. 

5. Upload presentation files by May 18 depending on presentation type (e.g. poster presentation recordings, poster PDFs) by May 18.