Oral Presentations

Oral Presentation Panel Organization

  • Presenters selecting "oral presentation" as their preferred format when submitting their project proposals for the Undergraduate Symposium will be placed on a panel with three to four students.

  • The organizers and Faculty Review Committee will assemble panelists around a disciplinary or interdisciplinary theme based on students' abstracts, and assign each panel a unique title.

  • Three to four concurrent sessions of oral presentation panels will be scheduled in the afternoon and early evening depending the total number of presenters.

  • Presenters may indicate their schedule preferences for the concurrent panel sessions with the submission of the project proposals. The organizers will work diligently to accommodate time preferences but cannot guarantee presenters their first choice.

  • Presenters may wish to request an official and personalized Undergraduate Research Symposium “Letter of Acceptance as a Presenter” to share with a course instructor or employment supervisor to confirm your participation, and seek a release to deliver your Symposium presentation.  These letters are available upon request and will be signed by the Associate Vice Provost of Undergraduate Studies, Josh Snodgrass.

  • Presenters will receive confirmation of their panel assignment three to four weeks prior to the symposium, including the order of presentation; room location; and the names, titles, and abstracts of their fellow panelists.

Oral Presentation Panel Format

  • Oral presentation panels will be 90 minutes in length.

  • Panelists will have 12–15 minutes to deliver their presentations immediately followed by a five-minute period for audience questions and discussion.

  • Panels will reserve 10–30 minutes for general discussion after the last panelist has concluded their presentation depending on the total number of panelists.

  • The classrooms hosting oral presentation panels will have a PC computer connected to a projector, audio speakers, and access to the internet.

  • To avoid technology delays, all panelists will present from the PC computer provided by the symposium and will have their presentation files and internet links loaded in advance.

Panel Preparation

  • Presenters will upload their presentation files (e.g. PowerPoint) or link to on-line presentation (e.g. Prezi) to the Symposium OneDrive Folder by Thursday, May 21 at 6:00am—the morning of the Symposium.  If you use cloud storage for your slideshow or other presentation files and plan to access your materials via the internet, you simply need to submit the URL link to your materials by the deadline above.  The link to the OneDrive Folder will be sent to presenter prior to the Symposium.

  • .All UO students have access to OneDrive via office.uoregon.edu.  This is a service provided to all students.  Please double-check that you have uploaded the correct version of your files.  Once you are logged-in with your UO credentials simply click the “Upload” button on the upper left-hand side of the page.

  • Symposium organizers will pre-load all presenters’ files and URLs on the presentation room PC computer, which will be connected to a digital display or projector and audio speakers. To avoid technical glitches and lost time switching between individual computers and tablets, only the presentation room computer will be used. We also have additional oral presentation resources available at our Undergraduate Research Symposium website.

  • Presenters are encouraged to bring a back-up copy of their presentation files on a USB drive and/or upload them to cloud storage.

  • The Undergraduate Symposium will print up to 30 hard copies of presentation handouts. Files must be submitted by Wednesday, May 20, at 10:00 p.m. to ugsresearch@uoregon.edu.

  • Presenters are encouraged to attend a peer-facilitated rehearsal workshop for oral presentations.

  • Presenters will check-in at the symposium registration table located in the EMU Ballroom lobby before proceeding to their assigned presentation panel room.

Panel Moderation

  • A faculty member will moderate each panel.

  • Moderators will review the panelists' abstracts, slideshows, and biographies, and introduce each student to the audience at the beginning of the panel.

  • Moderators may choose to provide opening remarks and frame the themes of the panel.

  • Moderators will also serve as timekeepers and provide cues to panelists when they have one-minute remaining in their allotted presentation time.

  • To ensure all presenters receive their allotted time, moderators will conclude presentations when they reach their time limit.

Giving a Presentation Infographic [Click to download PDF]

Oral Presentation Infographic