The UO Undergraduate Research Symposium celebrates the remarkable contributions our undergraduates make to research and other creative work in a wide range of disciplines. The symposium, co-chaired by Kevin Hatfield and Nadia Singh, aspires to engage undergraduates in the research mission of the University of Oregon by supporting the creation and dissemination of knowledge, while inspiring younger undergraduates to seek out research opportunities and removing barriers to interdisciplinary education and discourse.

The event enables undergraduates to share their ideas, discoveries, and artistic expression with the campus and local community. Undergraduate participants are invited to select their preferred style of presentation to best accommodate their projects.

The Symposium debuted in 2011 with 69 presenters and 40 faculty mentors spanning 20 majors and four colleges, and has hosted over 2,500 students during its first ten years.

In response to the pandemic we proceed with a virtual format again this year, and despite the profound disruptions to research and creative work experienced by students and faculty over the past year, we are inspired to celebrate the work of 287 presenters and their 240 faculty mentors at the 2021 Symposium through 329 presentations across all eight colleges, 63 majors, 20 minor programs, 37 minors, and 15 institutes and centers.

The reach of the Symposium continues to expand through the remote platform, creating new avenues for engagement with families, friends, alumni, donors, high school students and teachers, and community members who have traditionally been unable to participate in the on-campus event. 

The opportunity to record the students’ presentations has also enabled us to develop a permanent digital exhibit of undergraduate research and creative work on our Symposium YouTube Channel, which hosts nearly 180 videos comprising over 400 presentations—an inventory that will grow with the addition of the 2021 presentations. 

Visitors may explore the Channel’s content by keyword searching or perusing thematic playlists.  Videos include the presenters’ abstracts and links to the full-resolution images of research posters. 

The Undergraduate Research Symposium is sponsored by the Division of Undergraduate Education and Student Success, the Center for Undergraduate Research and Engagement (CURE), the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation, University Housing, the Robert D. Clark Honors College, the UO Libraries, and the Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program.

We are also honored to partners with the 23 departmental sponsors of the 64 presentation awards totaling $13,600 for this year. 

Questions? Please email ugresearch@uoregon.edu. For information from peers about research and how to get involved, please email ASURE at asure@uoregon.edu


Undergraduate Research Symposium Co-Chairs Kevin Hatfield and Nadia Singh. 


Undergraduate Research Symposium Planning Committee

Kevin Hatfield (Co-Chair)
Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Research and Distinguished Scholarships
Director of the Center for Undergraduate Research and Engagement (CURE)
Faculty, History
Nadia Singh (Co-Chair)
Associate Vice President for Research, Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation
Associate Professor, Biology
Professor, Anthropology
Jacy Berg
College Events Coordinator, Robert D. Clark Honors College 
Hannah Bishop
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Oregon Institute of Neuroscience
Nancy Cunningham
Senior Librarian
Interim Associate Dean of Libraries, Research Services, UO Libraries
Isabelle Cullen (Student Member)
Lead Coordinator, Affiliated Students of Undergraduate Research and Engagement (ASURE)
Victoria Dang (Student Member)
Academic Residential and Research Initiatives Assistant
Christabelle Dragoo
Director, Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program
Jackie Etchison
Assistant Director, First-Year Programs
Lara Fernandez
Executive Director, Summer Academy to Inspire Learning (SAIL)
Alexa Foor
UO doctoral student, English and Environmental Science
Daphne Gallagher
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Robert D. Clark Honors College



Central Oregon Community College Members

Sarah Baron
Assistant Professor, Health and Human Performance
Andria Woodell
Professor, Psychology
Diane Pritchard
Director, Careers, Advising, Personal Counseling (CAP) Services

Pre-College Symposium Committee Members

Lara Fernandez (Chair)

Megan Faulkner (Summer Academy to Inspire Learning)

Christina Turchetto (Summer Academy to Inspire Learning)

Bryan Rebar (STEMCORE)

Julie McMorran (STEMCORE)

Jacy Berg (Clark Honors College)

Rosa Maria Banuelos-Uribe (Lane Community College Admissions)

Ryan Bottimore (University of Oregon Office of Admissions)

Isabelle Cullen (Affiliated Students of Undergraduate Research and Engagement)

Nick Dikas (University of Oregon Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships)

Yalin Li (Affiliated Students of Undergraduate Research and Engagement)

Micah Howe (University of Oregon Visit Programs)

Gary Campbell (GEAR UP)

Angela Tan (Summer Academy to Inspire Learning)

Victoria Dang (University of Oregon Undergraduate)

Michael Carlsen (Summer Academy to Inspire Learning)




Barbara Jenkins
Coordinator, Outreach & Special Programs, UO Libraries
Psychology, Religious Studies & Judaic Studies Librarian
Rylee Kahan
Academic Residential and Research Initiatives Assistant
Andy Karduna
Associate Dean of the Graduate School
Professor, Human Physiology
Mckenzie Krish
Academic Residential and Research Initiatives Assistant
Yalin Li (Student Member)
Events Coordinator, Affiliated Students of Undergraduate Research and Engagement (CURE) 
Ashley Mapile
UO doctoral student, Chemistry
Lanch McCormick
Director of Student Engagement, Center for Undergraduate Research and Engagement  
Division of Undergraduate Education and Student Success
Colin Miller
Lead Designer and Director of Publications, University Housing
Jennifer O'Neal
Assistant Professor, Indigenous, Race and Ethnic Studies
Karl Reasoner
Senior Program Manager, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), Office of the Vice President of Research and Innovation
Josh Snodgrass
Professor, Anthropology
Jessica Winders
Assistant Director of Academic Residential and Research Initiatives, University Housing and Division of Undergraduate Education and Student Success
Mckenzie Winders
Operation Manager, Student Orientation Programs, Division of Student Services and Enrollment Management

Lane Community College Members

Jennifer Frei
Associate Vice President for Arts and Sciences
Stacey Kiser
Biology Faculty
Ce Rosenow
Faculty Coordinator, Lane Honors Program
Paul Ruscher
Dean, Science, Mathematics, and Engineering